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Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies

Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies

Software Engineering
Guildford, UK
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Reneum is seeking a Full-Stack Developer skilled in front-end, UI/UX and back-end to join their technical development team.


Climate change is the number one problem of our generation, and the blockchain is the number one technological innovation of our generation. As a blockchain-based climate platform, Reneum Labs sits at the intersection of our biggest problem and our most important technological innovation.

Reneum is a novel community and marketplace that expands access to all renewable energy to accelerate the energy transition. As a Regenerative Finance (ReFi) platform, Reneum funds climate solutions via a natural capital-backed token and "verified green" NFT. Focusing initially on the energy transition, Reneum partners with green energy developers to vet, monitor and issue tokens they can sell on Reneum's marketplace, for a vertically-integrated approach to ecological credits. Sustainability-focused companies and citizens desiring climate action buy the token to be burnt in return for a collectable NFT representing proof-of-impact (think: LEED or Fair-Trade label, but for the green economy).



To support our business development initiatives, we are looking for a Full-Stack Developer to manage all of its e-commerce marketplace, web development, and user-interface development. The successful candidate will be at least a mid-to-senior level full-stack developer, primarily focused on Web2 development working in an agile environment, but working with our blockchain team to support designs in accordance with Web3 aesthetics. 

The role is fully remote. Successful candidates can work in any location worldwide, however candidates working close to Central European Time will be preferred due to overlapping work hours with the core team.

At Reneum Labs, we value curiosity of mind and an agile, entrepreneurial mindset. We are looking for people who combine the ability to think long-term with the capability to identify what is important and move quickly to create value.

Reneum Labs is a no micro-managing, no bureaucracy, no bullshit company. Join us if you're ready to take on a new challenge and be a changemaker in the intersection of the world's biggest market (climate= and the world's most important technology (blockchain).



Responsibilities of Full-Stack Developer:

  • Manage and maintain the entire application lifecycle
  • Manage and maintain the existing company website; develop new web pages as required
  • You will be expected, within a short ramp-up period, to make major contributions to the product’s development across the full front-end and back-end stack
  • Front-end development using React / Next.js, including integrating front end implementations with the product’s APIs and GraphQL
  • Back-end development using Nest.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and GraphQL with deployment via AWS
  • Ensuring the website is optimized for all devices & browsers with regards to design, speed & scalability
  • Collaborating with the blockchain development team to ensure that the back-end and front-end are setup to securely integrate with web3 technologies
  • Use of Content Management Systems to allow the marketing team take control of our website and marketplace's content
  • Assisting in maintaining the products extensive CI/CD pipeline
  • Applying best coding practices in delivering clean, bug-free and well-documented code


Qualifications for Full-Stack Developer:

  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript & jQuery
  • Proficiency in working on the back-end for production applications in Nest.js
  • 2+ years of experience working on full-stack development ideally within product or a start-up
  • Usage of modern Javascript frameworks, preferably with React / Next.js and Node.js
  • Fluent in one or more general-purpose languages (e.g. Typescript, Python, Go, Rust, Java)
  • Comfortable with version control systems e.g. Git
  • Hands-on experience with the end-to-end web development process (design, development and deployment)
  • Building public B2C / B2B marketplaces that are launched and maintained in production.
  • Test-driven or behavior-driven testing to validate your code using modern testing tools such as mocha/jest, cypress or similar tools preferably using a CI/CD pipeline e.g. Jenkins
  •  Understanding of SEO & DevOps principles and approaches
  • You are self-driven and able to work independently and with little direction, with the ability to reach out to teammates and other technology specialists when required.
  • You understand that being a highly-skilled developer you are continuously learning and exploring new tools and technologies while applying best industry practices.
  • You can work effectively in a remote environment with back-end & blockchain developers
  • You care for our planet!