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Community Manager

Rand Network

Rand Network

Marketing & Communications
Barcelona, Spain
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

About Rand

Rand will be a prize-linked savings mobile app fully backed with blockchain technology where users will be able to create collective prize pools to earn common yield with their savings. The pools will be called parties.

The yield earned by doing yield farming will be the prize of the randomly chosen winner at the end of the decided time period.
Users will be able to create private prize pools with their friends or join public ones.

Private pools will help groups of friends to do saving together and achieve common goals. One example could be that one group of friends do a party at 200$ each and all the yield accrued by the end of the week is used for paying a beer!

On the other hand, public prize pools bring more viral components. Unlike private parties, where participants are selected individually, in the public ones everybody can join. All the yield produced by all the money lock will be the prize of some weekly randomly chosen winners.

About the role

Our initial spanish community manager is a key role for us because he/she will be in charge of the communication between the community and Rand developers. You will work closely with our tech team, graphic designer, CEO.

As long as we are building a financial mobile app entirely backed by DeFi process for a target of young people that are not suited to these technologies, we have a great challenge of communication. Rand is looking for someone able to bring this message from one side to the other.

Our ideal candidate will be a DeFi fanatic and an experienced Digital Marketer or Social Media Manager who has already worked with blockchain content and the channels in which it is published [Twitter, Discord, Reddit, etc]. But high click-rate content alone won’t be enough, we need a strategic thinker that can manage a 3-5 month-long campaign that climaxes in an ICO.

What you’ll do

  • Managing Twitter and Discord spanish community, Telegram channel, and other social media.
  • Create the FOMO environment for the ICO.
  • Running the early contributors program.
  • Ideation and execution of other community campaigns
  • Work closely with engineering teams in Rand and her 3rd party blockchain partners.

What it takes

  • A native level of Spanish.
  • A mature understanding of the emerging blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies.
  • 3+ years of hands-on Growth Marketing for a technical product, blockchain preferable.
  • Strong experience of the following: Twitter, Discord, Sprout, Telegram
  • Native or near-native English with presidential communication skills
  • Strong learning skills, can learn new things in a short time


  • Competitive contract-based compensation.
  • Monthy token compensation.
  • Flexible working hours within Central Europe timezones.

What We Have Achieved

Since our start, 8 months ago, we have assembled an initial operational and technical team, we have raised $1M in funding between VCs and angels investors and we have designed the entire Tokenomics and Whitepaper of the project.