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Community Manager

Marketing & Communications · Full-time
Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Darabase has recently launched a new project, which realises one of the long-term founding goals of Darabase as a company:

This new system allows property owners to claim two rights over their buildings in the augmented-reality metaverse: firstly, the right to control what categories of advertising appear on that building and, secondly, the right to receive revenue from those who purchase advertising on their property.  The entire system is built upon the Polygon blockchain, and will leverage smart contracts and other features to maximise reliability, consistency and predictability.

Upon proving their ownership of a property, the real-world owner (RWO) is allocated a RWO NFT representing their ‘freehold’ ownership of that property, and 10,000 ‘Property Digital Rights’ (PDR) NFTs that represent ‘leasehold’ shares in that property. If the user retains both the RWO token and all PDRs, they have full control over the building’s advertising. Otherwise, PDRs can be freely transferred, bought and sold, and each PDR token grants its owner one ten-thousandth of the revenue from its corresponding property.

We believe that the project represents an exciting fusion of the proptech, blockchain and metaverse spaces, and has the potential to build a lively community of enthusiasts with a range of interests. We are therefore looking for a talented individual to help us build this community.

In this exciting role, you will carry on the work of a previous part-time community manager in planning and executing the launch and continuing management of the community through platforms including Discord, Reddit and Telegram. In addition, you will contribute to the planning and creation of the content to be published on channels such as YouTube, Twitter and the Darabase blog(s).

You will personally make many of the decisions on how the community should work from the outset, and you will also collaborate closely with our core founding team and content team in creating a cohesive image for the community and the product.

This is a remote position, but you should have fluent written and spoken English, and you would ideally be willing to ensure your work hours significantly overlap the European working day.  A UK based candidate would be preferable in order to be able to come together in person on occasion with the wider team.