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Growth Marketer - Leading Role

Common Ground
Common Ground
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Marketing & Communications
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About Common Ground

Common Ground is a messaging, publishing, voice chat platform, built with emerging web3 primitives for web3 communities (and everyone else). We got tired of using multiple web2 platforms to talk about web3. So, we decided to build something that did everything we wanted – with native web3 features. We strive to become the daily driver for everyone working in web3, crypto, and ultimately, any collaborative project.

Oh, and we’re built as a public good! It’s in our constitution that Common Ground will end up owned and controlled by its users and communities. If we’re successful, Common Ground will become the first large-scale user-owned social network based on web3 technologies. Check out our website for more info:

What’s it like to work for us?

We’re growing, nice and steady. We’ve got a great group of brains from all over the world, contributing their best ideas to a project we’re all super stoked about. We connect throughout the day but also leave plenty of space for focused work. Transparent communication is also a big deal for us. We want Common Ground to be a source of success for everyone that works for us.

What does Growth mean to us?

Our growth strategy is organic and centred around onboarding web3 communities to our platform. We have a dedicated team member who attends web3 conferences and events, networking with founders, community managers and users within web3 projects. Here we generate interest in Common Ground and identify communities that are interested in onboarding to our Alpha platform.

Communities also contact us through our website by completing a short form and requesting a demo or onboarding meeting.

Soon, the platform will become a lot more public.

Twitter has been our main connection to the digital world. We put a lot of energy into our strategy to increase our following, which includes tweets (scheduled and ad-hoc), threads, images, and Twitter Spaces.

Growth, for us, is outward and inward.

We want to ensure everyone involved in web3 not only knows about Common Ground, but associates it as the platform to build and grow their community or DAO on.

But there’s an inward element to this. Our growth strategy also needs to reflect growth within the platform. The evolution of communities, their activity, the culture. We want to put energy into helping the communities on our platform flourish as much as possible. For this, we will need some innovative strategy from somebody who isn’t afraid to work with a new social platform.

The Job

We need a dedicated team member to drive our growth in the right direction using a variation of tools and techniques. You’ll be working mostly with our comms team to build campaigns and implement them successfully within our network.

What you will be doing:

• Identifying key growth goals with the comms team and crafting campaign stories.

• Developing, implementing, tracking, and optimizing digital campaigns across multiple platforms -Ensuring the message reaches our target audience.

• Creating and writing social media content that aligns with the Common Ground ‘voice’ and engages our audiences, driving them towards the platform.

• Monitoring community culture and developing campaigns to support and promote the Common Ground platform.

What We Value

• Strong written and oral communication skills to motivate and influence staff and stakeholders, including strong presentation and interpersonal skills

• Excellent social media marketing (ideally crypto Twitter) knowledge/expertise

• Strong writing skills to build campaigns and create or align with our ‘voice’

• Good expertise in different digital marketing facets such as SEO, PPC and email marketing

• Ability to understand decentralized ecosystems and market requirements

• Web3 literate – not necessarily from working experience, but at least a vested interest and good knowledge of web3 culture

• Familiar with Discord and its pain points

• Organizational awareness with ability to facilitate and problem solve

• Ability to work independently

Worried you don’t meet our requirements? That’s ok! If you think you might have what it takes, apply anyway. We’d hate to miss out on someone great due to a job description detail. We welcome candidates from all walks of life and strive to provide equal opportunities for all.


A competitive annual salary to be defined based on candidate experience.

Start date - Immediately – within reason.

• Motivation Letter: a short, one-page letter that explains why you're a match for the position by using examples of your interests and achievements

• Your CV with a focus on relevant skills and experiences

Following the application stage there will be an interview with the relevant members of the Common Ground team